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Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947 and has grown into one of the world's most renowned carriers, reflecting the essence of Singapore's global reputation for efficiency, luxury, and innovation. From its humble beginnings as a regional airline, Singapore Airlines has rapidly expanded its fleet and network, eventually becoming a global player. Known for its impeccable service, Singapore Airlines introduced the first Boeing 747 in the 1970s and the Airbus A380 in 2007 in its fleet, redefining long-haul travel luxury. With its headquarters at Changi Airport, consistently ranked among the best airports globally, SIA showcases Singapore's commitment to excellence.

Singapore Airlines is famous for its extensive network encompassing over 130 destinations across six continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, and Europe. The airline strategically connects significant cities while exploring unique destinations, fostering global connectivity and boosting tourism.

Singapore Airlines' unique corporate culture, emphasizes grace, warmth, and elegance in its cabin crew. This iconic image reflects Singapore's dedication to service and cultural values. The airline's commitment to innovation is exemplified by its premium offerings, like the Suites Class—a private cabin on the A380, resembling a luxury hotel suite. Singapore Airlines' heritage showcases its evolution and milestones, symbolizing Singapore's efforts to honor its aviation history. The airline's livery, featuring the iconic "bird in flight" motif, signifies a commitment to progress and resilience—a reflection of Singapore's national identity.

Singapore Airlines' dedication to environmental sustainability aligns with Singapore's focus on a green future. The airline has invested in fuel-efficient aircraft, reducing single-use plastics, and supports carbon offset programs, aligning with Singapore's environmental goals.

Singapore Airlines is more than a carrier; it represents Singapore's values, innovation, and global outlook. With its rich history, expansive network, and cultural emphasis, SIA continues to fly the flag of Singapore high, offering passengers a world-class travel experience rooted in excellence and tradition.

Singapore Airlines In-flight Amenities

  • Passengers enjoy personal seatback screens with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, games, and more on the KrisWorld, Singapore Airlines' entertainment system, which provides on-demand entertainment.
  • Complimentary meals and beverages, including special meals to cater to dietary needs, are offered to the passengers to create premium dining options in premium cabins, often curated by renowned chefs.
  • Amenity kits containing essentials like earplugs, eyeshades, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and comfortable blankets and pillows, are given to passengers on international flights.
  • Wi-Fi and internet access on selected aircraft, allowing passengers to stay connected during the flight.
  • Power outlets and USB ports are available at seats to charge electronic devices.
  • Business and economy class passengers enjoy noise-canceling headphones for an enhanced in-flight audio experience.
  • Children's entertainment options include toys, and activity packs are available to keep young passengers engaged. In-flight magazines, newspapers, and literature to keep passengers informed and entertained.

Singapore Airlines Cabins

Suite: The Singapore Airlines suite has a double bed, a private bathroom, a separate cabin, and a reclining swivel chair. Singapore Airlines Suite can be called a hotel suite on a plane. While flying the Suite, passengers can watch a 32-inch entertainment screen and listen to best-in-class noise-canceling headphones. Passengers can discover the finest items from an endless à la carte menu, served in bone china dishes with your preferred wines and beverages.

First Class: First-class cabins of Singapore Airlines provide customers with extra-wide seats inside a closed-in cabin, allowing them to fly in luxury. The Singapore Airlines Krisworld entertainment system offers over 1800 entertainment options and is installed on the 24-inch in-suite entertainment screen. The main dish can be ordered from various menus from the international culinary panel up to 24 hours before takeoff. In the first class, food and drinks are provided without limit. First-class guests receive trousers, noise-canceling headphones, slippers, hygiene kits, and amenity packages.

Business Class: Passengers enjoy spacious Business Class cabins on Singapore Airlines. Enjoy comfort with roomy seats that can be made into entirely flat mattresses. Enjoy exquisite gourmet cuisine and beverages created by renowned chefs. Your travel is improved with specialized service and VIP lounge access. In-seat power and Wi-Fi allow you to stay connected. With noise-canceling headphones, explore a world of entertainment on big displays. Singapore Airlines Business Class provides an exceptional travel experience with meticulous attention to detail and lavish facilities.

Premium-Economy Class: With Singapore Airlines' Premium Economy Class, passengers can enjoy a new level of comfort. With more room, bigger seats, and improved amenities, this cabin fills the void between Economy and Business Class. Take advantage of specialized check-in, early boarding, and a varied in-flight buffet with fine wines. A bigger personal screen and noise-canceling headphones will keep you entertained. Utilize USB connections and power outlets to stay productive. Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class promises a delightful ride worth every mile with additional legroom and attentive care.

Economy Class Cabin: Passengers enjoy a comfortable journey with Singapore Airlines' Economy Class cabins. The cabins offer ergonomically designed seats and a wide range of entertainment on personal screens. The airlines provide delicious meals and beverages, thoughtfully curated for your palate. The cabin crew provides exceptional service, and a warm ambiance ensures a pleasant flight. Stay connected with available Wi-Fi, and rest assured with blankets and pillows. Singapore Airlines Economy Class combines affordability with quality, making every mile of your travel an enjoyable experience.

Singapore Airlines Check-in Policy

Singapore Airlines offers various options to make checking in easier for passengers. Singapore Airlines has you covered whether you prefer the ease of online and mobile check-in or the classic check-in counters. The various check-in procedures with Singapore Airlines are as follows:

Online Check-In:
  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official Singapore Airlines website:
  • On the homepage, look for the "Check-In" option. It's usually located at the top of the page or in the main menu.
  • Enter your booking reference number (PNR or booking code) and last name. You can find your booking reference on your e-ticket or booking confirmation.
  • Select the passengers you want to check in for if traveling with multiple passengers.
  • Depending on your booking and fare class, you can select your seats during online check-in. Choose your preferred seats if available.
  • Provide necessary travel information such as passport details, visa information, and any required travel documentation.
  • Declare your baggage details, if required, and confirm the number of bags you'll check in.
  • Review all the provided information, including passenger details, seat selections, and baggage information.
  • After confirming, you can print your boarding pass or save it as a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone.
Mobile App Check-in:
  • Search for the "Singapore Airlines" app on your smartphone's app store. Download and install the app.
  • Open the app once installed and look for the "Check-In" option within the app's main menu or homepage.
  • Provide your booking reference number and last name as requested.
  • Choose the passengers you want to check in for while traveling with others.
  • If applicable, choose your seats from the available options and enter passport and visa details, if needed.
  • Declare your baggage and specify the number of checked bags.
  • Double-check all your entered information, including passenger details, seat selections, and baggage information.
  • Once confirmed, you can save the boarding pass on your mobile device. Make sure it's easily accessible during your journey.
Airport Check-In
  • Arrive at the airport in advance of your flight's departure time. Aim to arrive at least 2-3 hours before international flights.
  • Look for the Singapore Airlines check-in counters. These are usually well-marked and easily visible within the airport terminal.
  • Approach the counter and provide your booking reference, e-ticket, and identification documents.
  • The airline staff will assist you with the check-in process. They may ask you about seat preferences and baggage details.
  • Once checked in, the staff will provide you with a printed boarding pass for your flight.
  • After receiving your boarding pass, proceed to security and immigration checks, and then to your departure gate.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

When preparing for your trip with Singapore Airlines, knowing the check-in and carry-on baggage restrictions is essential. Different travel classes may have different baggage allowances. In light of this, let's outline the limitations on both size and weight for each class:

Check-In Baggage: Passengers in the economy class can bring 1 bag up to 30 kg. For passengers traveling in premium economy, the restriction rises to 35 Kg. On all flights, except those to and from North America, business class passengers are permitted to bring 1 baggage that weighs under 40 kg, while first class and suite passengers are permitted to bring 1 bag that weighs 50 kg. First-class, suites, and business-class travelers on flights to and from North America can bring 2 bags, each weighing 32 kg. Passengers traveling in economy class and premium economy are allowed 2 packs of 23 kg each. The bags dimensions of the bag should be lesser than 200x75x80 cm.

Carry-On Baggage: Suites, first-class, and business class passengers can check up to 2 carry-on bags, each weighing no more than 7 kg. Passengers traveling in premium economy and economy class are only allowed one piece of luggage weighing no more than 7 kg.

Traveling with Pets: Pets are allowed in the cabin and cargo hold on Singapore Airlines. Most flights allow small birds, cats, and dogs with certain restrictions. To take pets in cabins, they must be in carriers and weigh less than 7 kg combined. The cargo hold can accommodate larger dogs. Owners of pets must meet the necessary health and documentation standards. There are transport costs. Your pet friends will travel with Singapore Airlines in safety and comfort thanks to the specific instructions on the company website.

Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Singapore Airlines' frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer, is a doorway to a world of exclusive advantages, incentives, and unmatched experiences for frequent travelers who are looking for more than a travel destination. KrisFlyer offers various services that transform the experience of traveling into something exceptional. These extras are designed to honor and celebrate the patronage of its customers.

Membership Tiers: KrisFlyer offers different tires of membership structures, each level reflecting the extent of a member's loyalty and engagement. The tiers are meticulously crafted to provide escalating advantages:

  • KrisFlyer: The program's foundation, offers immediate access to mileage accrual, essential rewards, and member-exclusive offers.
  • KrisFlyer Elite Silver: Achieved by qualifying flights or miles, this tier introduces priority privileges such as accelerated check-in, extra baggage allowance, and seat selection.
  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold: As the journey continues, Elite Gold members enjoy special perks, including priority boarding, access to lounges, and increased baggage allowance.
  • KrisFlyer PPS Club: A premium tier dedicated to the most frequent travelers, offering priority services, exclusive partner benefits, and a sense of distinction.
  • KrisFlyer Solitaire PPS Club: The top membership tier, the Solitaire PPS Club offers elite travelers with exceptional services, priority reservations, and seamless travel facilitation.

Joining KrisFlyer: Becoming a KrisFlyer member is effortless – a simple online registration opens the door to benefits. Members gain access to an intuitive online portal and mobile app, empowering them to manage accounts, track miles, and explore redemption options effortlessly.

  • Mileage Accumulation: Passengers can earn miles for every flight, transforming travel into a rewarding venture. Accumulated miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and partner rewards.
  • Redeem and Upgrade: Members can use the earned miles to unlock multiple opportunities, from complimentary flights to upgrading cabin classes for a more luxurious journey.
  • Lounge Luxuries: KrisFly offers access to Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance lounges worldwide, turning pre-flight moments into relaxing experiences. Indulge in premium amenities, culinary delights, and tranquility.
  • Partner Collaborations: KrisFlyer's extensive network of partners allows members to earn and redeem miles beyond the skies, encompassing hotels, car rentals, shopping, and more.
  • Exclusive Offers: Passengers enjoy tailored promotions, discounts, and exclusive offers curated for them, enriching travel experiences with added value.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

Understanding the cancellation policy of Singapore Airlines is essential for passengers. Singapore Airlines is renowned for its exceptional service and has a well-defined cancellation policy catering to various scenarios. Here's an overview of Singapore Airlines' cancellation policy:

Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets: Singapore Airlines offers refundable and non-refundable ticket options. Refundable tickets generally allow cancellations with the possibility of receiving a refund, while non-refundable tickets have stricter cancellation terms.

Cancellation Period and Fees: The cancellation fee varies based on factors like fare type, route, and time of cancellation. Typically, the closer to the departure date you cancel, the higher the cancellation fee.

No-Show Policy: If you miss your flight without canceling it beforehand, it's considered a no-show. No-show policies can result in the loss of the entire fare, especially for non-refundable tickets.

Flexible Fare Options: Singapore Airlines provides certain fare types that offer greater flexibility, allowing changes and cancellations with minimal or no fees. These fares are ideal for travelers who may have uncertain plans.

Travel Insurance: It's advisable to consider purchasing travel insurance when booking your flights. Travel insurance can cover unexpected cancellations due to medical emergencies, unforeseen events, or other valid reasons.

Booking with different methods: Cancellation policies may vary slightly depending on whether you book directly through Singapore Airlines or a third-party booking platform. It's essential to understand the policies associated with your chosen booking channel.

Check the Terms and Conditions: Before confirming your booking, thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions associated with your chosen fare. This will give you a clear picture of the cancellation policy and associated fees.

Informing the Airlines: If you need to cancel or change your flight, it's best to do so as soon as possible. Timely airline communication can help you minimize cancellation fees and receive more favorable options.

Whether you're considering a refundable fare, flexible options, or travel insurance, being well-informed about the cancellation process ensures that you can handle changes to your travel plans with ease and minimal disruption. Always refer to Singapore Airlines' official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their cancellation policy.

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

Singapore Airlines has crafted a well-structured and transparent refund policy to cater to the needs of its passengers.

Eligibility: The ticket class and any specific stipulations will typically determine Singapore Airlines' refund procedures. Refundable Fares: Passengers who purchase tickets with refundable rates are eligible for a full or partial refund regardless of whether they decide to cancel their reservations. On the other hand, refundable tickets are often more expensive than non-refundable ones.

Online Booking: The cancellation process is relatively straightforward for passengers who book their flights directly through the Singapore Airlines website or mobile app. They can review the fare policies, see their reservation data, and request a cancellation.

Travel Agents: Passengers who book through travel agencies or other third-party websites should contact them to cancel. The return process could differ based on the agency's policies.

Refund Process: Passengers with refundable fares can often request refunds online through the airline's website or by contacting customer care. Once the refund has been approved, it will be processed using the original payment method to book the reservation.

Timeframe: The processing time for refunds may vary depending on the payment method and fare type:

  • Credit Card: Refunds to credit cards can take several business days to post to the account, depending on the issuing bank and their processing schedules.
  • Cash/Debit Card: Refunds for cash or debit card payments may take longer since the airline may require additional documentation.
  • Travel credits: If travelers receive travel credits, they may book new flights immediately or during the allotted validity period.

Airlines Cancellation: Regardless of the fare class, Singapore Airlines may offer alternative travel arrangements or full refunds for flight cancellations or significant delays brought on by weather or operational concerns.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What baggage can passengers carry in the cabin of Singapore Airlines?

Passengers on Singapore Airlines can carry one standard cabin bag and one personal item, like a laptop or handbag. The cabin bag's dimensions must be at most 115cm (45 inches) combined and should fit in the overhead bin.

Is it necessary to get a Covid test when flying with Singapore Airlines?

COVID-19 testing requirements for Singapore Airlines flights vary based on destination and regulations. Check the airline's website or relevant authorities to determine if a test is needed before your journey.

How to get discounts and benefits when booking a ticket online with Singapore Airlines?

To secure discounts and benefits when booking online with Singapore Airlines, consider subscribing to their newsletter for exclusive offers, booking during promotions, using frequent flyer miles, and exploring credit card partnerships for potential discounts.

How to confirm the status of my Singapore Airlines flight ticket?

You can check your Singapore Airlines flight ticket status by visiting the airline's official website, using your booking reference and last name to access the "Manage Booking" section for real-time updates.

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