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Air France, termed AIR FRANCE is the prominent and leading airline in France in Tremblay-en-France. It is the subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group. The airlines are one of the founding members of the SkyTeam global airline alliance.

The complete name of Air France is Compagnie Nationale Air France which is the French International Airline formulated in 1933. Since the date of establishment, the airlines have flourished immensely and serve many parts of the globe. Air France was the initial airline to operate flights to the Supersonic Concorde.

Being a reputed airline, Air France never disappoints their valued passengers and offers them the best flying experience with sturdy in-flight amenities. Air France operates flights to over 35 destinations within France and 170 destinations in 93 countries. Nonstop flights are from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.

International long-haul flights specifically feature three or four kinds of service. The airlines use three-cabin configurations for short and medium-haul flights within Europe. Air France has its primary hubs at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport.

The airlines consistently work on enhancing their services and making flying time hassle-free for their valued clients. Air France ensures that passengers get delectable meals, access to luxury airport lounges, and nonstop entertainment.

Air France In-flight Amenities

Air France provides superior in-flight amenities, which differ from cabin to cabin. Also, the upper-crust cabins have premium features ensuring a lavish travel time for their valued passengers. The middle cabin got a few features whereas the low-budget cabin have nominal benefits.

  • The premium cabin has a chef-designed menu including fresh food supplies, desserts, beverages, assorted bread, premium wines, and more.
  • The entertainment source includes Air France Magazines accompanied by AVOD screens. The movie section is available in different languages and you can choose your preferred movie in Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and Japanese.
  • Power sockets are fixed on every seat in each cabin and USB ports are present for the premium cabins.
  • For breakfast, Air France provides sweet cookies with hot beverages or juice. If the flight is longer than 2.5 hours, you will get a variety of sandwiches.
  • Select from the broad segment of free drinks such as hot, cold, carbonated, with or without alcohol.

Air France Cabins

Air France provides a one-of-a-kind traveling experience to their valued passengers. Being the leading airline, they assure topmost comfort, luxury, and reliable cabin crew services.

Air France generally provides three types of cabins Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class Cabins, accessible on all long-haul flights.

La Premiere: This cabin is spelled as France in the Air; passengers get a lavish experience when they reach the airport. Also, it is the first-class cabin of Air France providing world-class services, and accessible on Boeing 777-300ERs. The airline sends the driver to your residential address to pick you up for the flight in elegance. Once reach the airport, the experienced crew will take care of your luggage and let you explore the Air France La Premiere Lounge. When you need to board the aircraft, security will accompany you. Once you are in the cabin, the pilot and crew will introduce themselves and share the essential information regarding what you can expect throughout the flight. The La Premiere has four seats in the cabin, matching the luxury standards where passengers can expect fine dining before converting the seat into a complete lie bed.

Business class: The Business Class have 59 lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 pod-like setting. Also, the seats provide a width of 21.5 inches and 61 inches of pitch. The cabin has a spacious mobile section and a side shelf attached to the seat. There is plenty of storage option for personal items and electric ports for charging the devices. Entertainment has a 16-inch HD touch panel offering 1,000 hours of on-demand programs. The cabin is designed to provide passengers a luxurious and comfortable travel time for different flight routes.

Premium Economy: The cabin on Air France has more than 28 reclined seats in the 2-4-2 configuration. Also, the seats have delicate upholstery and broader armrests. The seats come with 19 inches width and seat pitch of 38 inches. The cabin provides additional six inches of legroom compared to the economy class. Passengers will get the 13.3 inch high-definition screen and variety of programs.

Economy Class: The cabin offers more than 206 seats with 17 inches of width and recline benefit of 32 inches. Also, the seats come in the 3-4-3 configuration. Every passenger can access a High-Definition touch screen with 12 languages and a charging port for mobile, laptop, or electronic devices.

Air France Check-in Policy

Beginning within 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure, travelers can save time with different check-in options provided by Air France.

Online Check-In: The best and most flexible way to complete the check-in process for generating the boarding pass. You must follow the online guidelines to finish check-in without standing in a long queue.

Mobile App Check-In: Get the most out of Air France as travelers can finish the mobile check-in process with the user-friendly Mobile Application. The app check-in through mobile is accessible 48 hours before and shuts down 1 hour before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights. The app check-in is accessible 48 hours before and shuts down 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights.

Web Check-In: Travelers can finish the check-in with the Air France Website Portal. All you have to do is visit the official website and tap the Check-In option to move ahead. You must provide a six-digit booking reference alongside the passenger's last name to quicken the Air France web check-in process. Air France might request to enter the Secure Flight Passenger Details if requested by the destination point. Finishing the online check-in process for selecting the seats is mandatory, as it will generate the e-boarding pass.

Kiosk Machine Check-In: Travelers can finish the check-in process by reaching the airport and taking assistance from the Kiosk Machine. The automated machine makes it easy and fast to generate the boarding pass. Passengers must provide the booking reference number, select the seats, and get the Air France boarding pass. The check-in Kiosks Machine will help you to modify or cancel the flights. It is a secure and flexible approach for passengers to complete check-in. The machine lets travelers choose their preferred seats and get the boarding pass. The Kiosk check-in is available 24 hours until one hour before the scheduled departure.

Air France Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage: Air France permits travelers to convey one thing by hand stuff and one additional item, like a small bag or electronic device installed on the airplane. Everything should not surpass 22 lbs/10 kg in weight and should not exceed 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches/55 x 40 x 20 cm in size. Assuming you have the Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or World class, in addition to status, you can convey 1 bag at no extra charge. The permitted weight relies upon the movement lodge chose. Assuming the stuff estimations go past 158cm, moreover, at most 300 cm, travelers need to pay the extra charges at the air terminal. The expenses rely upon the booking, and the number of packs you can convey depends on the cabin you have chosen, route type, and flying blue status. A traveler can get all the stuff-related subtleties during flight determination.

Check-in Baggage: Travelers can likewise process the Check-In luggage for an extra expense. Checked Baggage should be 62 direct inches/158 straight cm at most and not exceed 50 lbs/23 kg in weight. With a couple of Air France Flights, travelers can purchase minimal-expense airfares to look at their stuff. This alludes to light-charge economy tickets, and travelers who have bought the tickets should pay for the checked Baggage. Travelers in the economy cabin can check in with one bag, not weighing in excess of 23 kg. The Premium economy ticket purchasers can check with two bags free of charge, and each ought to weigh 23 kg. Business class travelers can look at two things up to 32 kg. Travelers of La Premiere get extra advantages, including a three-sack processed baggage license. Each Baggage should stay within the weight restriction of 32 kg. If the Baggage overweighs or surpasses the estimation, travelers could need to pay extra stuff expenses. One thing to know is that travelers can't pre-book larger-than-average Baggage with Air France.

Air France Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program of Air France is Flying Blue and the best SkyTeam program for miles redemption, earning rewards, and one of the most reliable programs for transatlantic business class awards.

It is easy to earn Flying Blue Miles. The most significant factor to consider for knowing the worth of the Frequent Flyer Program is how quick it is to make miles with the currency.

What can you expect with Flying Blue?
  • Flying Blue gives more access to premium Air France Business Class awards than other airlines' programs.
  • Considering the award pricing of Air France, travelers will find a reasonable amount of award slots, commonly starting at 55,000 miles.
  • Air France provides the best business class products through the Atlantic with better support than you will ever find with other reputed airline groups. Flying Blue provides numerous discount coupons and monthly promo rewards for the award tickets that can increase the value of the miles.

Redeem Miles: Use the miles for flight upgradation, buying in-flight items, etc.

Elite Status: Achieve elite status to earn the benefits such as fast check-in, quick boarding, and premium perks.

Offers & Promotions: Get the benefit of countless offers and promotions.

Airport Lounges: Instant access to Air France lounges across the globe.

Services: The benefits include seat selection, priority boarding, and baggage collection.

Air France Cancellation Policy

For most tickets, Air France provides flexible cancellation and rebooking options. If you have non-refundable access, you may alter your flight without penalty if certain conditions are met. In some instances, you may also request a refund for your ticket. If your ticket is refundable, you can cancel it and receive a full refund.

Canceling or Changing a Non-Refundable Ticket: If your flight is canceled or delayed, or your timetable changes, you can adjust your itinerary without paying a fee. If you need to change your travel arrangements due to exceptional circumstances, such as illness, you may be entitled to do so without paying a cost.

All reservations made through the Air France website, mobile application, contact center, or ticket counter for travel to or from the United States are subject to the airline's 24-hour cancellation policy.

According to the rules, you can cancel your flight reservation without incurring any additional penalties if you do one of the following:
  • Book your flight from or to the United States.
  • Do so at least one week before departure.
  • Do so within 24 hours of making your reservation.

On the official website, accurate information regarding the cancellation must be present. You can check the selections in My Bookings or contact Air France customer support if the bookings are completed in less than 24 hours after you made them. The airline could charge you a service fee if you cancel a flight. You won't be charged a service fee if you cancel your flight online or at the airport.

Air France Refund Policy

Regarding the Air France Refund Policy, the refund benefit is eligible for travelers who have made ticket payments or those who were ticketed when providing the requested documents.

If the tickets have the refundable option, the passenger can request ticket cancellation and become eligible for the refund. If the ticket is not refundable, you can expect to receive the refund in certain conditions, such as if the flight got canceled or delayed due to schedule alteration.

Contact Air France customer support to ask for a refund. If you are unable to modify or cancel your flight, you can be given a travel voucher or another type of payment. In some cases, Air France may also provide extra rebooking choices.

You are entitled to a refund if the Air France flight does not take off within 5 hours of the scheduled departure time. Refunds for missed flights are different from compensation.

Upon arrival, the compensation requires at least three hours, whereas a refund requires a significant delay upon departure. The status of the trip determines the amount of the refund; for example, if your first flight was delayed, you would be entitled to a full refund.

A complete reimbursement may be available if the traveler can show that the journey is no longer essential. Unlike the fixed amounts for flight delay compensations, the refund amount is dependent on the cost of the ticket. Passengers can read the ticket fare terms or the confirmation email they received after buying for more details on whether they can cancel and receive a refund for the ticket.

Air France gives a refund, less a cancellation fee, for tickets, purchased more than 24 hours before the departure time if the flight is not used. Within seven days of the date of the first purchase, a refund request must be filed directly to Air France. The original method of payment will be utilized to issue the refund.

How to manage flights with Air France?

It is to keep track of the Air France Tickets, which includes the flight timings and booking status. To make things easier, you only have to find the PNR Status.

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which provides the details regarding the real-time status of the booking. You will get the information on whether the Air France tickets are confirmed. Passengers will get access to see the updates regarding the correct arrival and Air France Flight Departure.

The PNR number is located on the ticket. If there is more than one booking for the same time, then the ticket will have a similar PNR number. The number shows the booking information and not the specific passenger.

Travelers can check the PNR status with the Air France Mobile Application or via the website. The best advantage of this feature is that you no longer need to carry the physical ticket. Once the PNR status gets affirmation, you must represent it to the airport and Air France officials to board the plane securely.

To check the PNR status, find the PNR on the website and tap the Click Here button. You will get connected to the official Website of Air France, where you can access the PNR within seconds.

The facility to check the PNR status is one of the many features of Air France. You can use the Web check-in option to save time and effort at the airport. For booking the flights within 1 minute, I suggest using the one-touch booking feature.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Is it necessary to get Covid Test when flying with Air France?

No test or vaccine is needed for the flights from/to France. The term Ready to Fly determines that passengers must upload the requested health documents before reaching the airport.

What passenger can bring in Air France?

A passenger traveling in Economy Class can bring one baggage item and accessories, such as a purse or handbag. The individuals chosen for the premium economy, business, or La Premiere can bring two bags and one accessory. The Baggage should be at most the measurements of 55x35x25.

How to earn the benefits of Internet Discount Codes?

All you need to do is input the discount codes you receive by email into the provided field of the booking engine. The ticket cost will reduce according to the discount amount. The discount code is not eligible for a few Air France websites.

How to know whether my ticket confirmed or not?

When you finish the booking, you will receive the confirmation notification with the booking number. This ensure that bookings are confirmed. Once you have made the trip payments, the ticket will undergo the creation process in the Air France Database. You will get complete itinerary details via email. There's no additional confirmation required.

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